Can Certain Dog Foods Cause Seizures: A Detailed Answer

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Our beloved house companions are usually energetic and playful, which are part of their charm.

However, once you notice that your dachshund is shaking vigorously on the floor without any warnings, it may be suffering from a seizure.

Such a sight could be a terrifying moment for any pet owner, especially if you properly take care of all its needs.

If your pet experiences such an occurrence, your first thought should most likely be, “What caused it?” and “Can certain dog foods cause seizures?

Chemicals That Causes Seizures

Before we get down to food-related seizures, let’s have a look at chemicals that could lead to it.

After all, our pets have a penchant for chewing and eating almost anything their teeth could get into.

Unfortunately, while dogs can sense dangerous materials, they cannot identify them all.

They could probably avoid some toxic elements in the natural world, but that is not the case with artificial creations.

Below are some of the most common chemicals that you should never let your pet get close to.


This chemical is a famous component of alcohol. Like us, our pet’s nervous system function can get hampered once ingested.

Exposure to ethanol is hazardous to your dogs as it can easily lead to intoxication and other life-threatening complications such as seizures.

If left untreated, the results could range from vomiting to death.


While most of us love a cup of coffee before we start our day, our dachshunds and other dogs are not very fond of it.

A moderate amount could lead to poisoning, especially for small breeds.

In large quantities, caffeine can cause death. Pretty scary, considering that in our homes, coffee is an indispensable part of our daily food intake.

Once you notice that your dog is experiencing vomiting, an alarmingly high heart rate, and increased body temperature, seizures may come after it due to caffeine poisoning.


If your house has toothpaste, mouthwash, and mints, you have a good amount of xylitol lying around.

You have to be careful with these household items because xylitol ingestion causes your pets’ insulin levels to be unstable.

Seizures, as well as vomiting, lethargic movements, and fainting, are the usual complications of ingesting xylitol.

Small breed dogs such as dachshunds are very susceptible to this toxin.

Dogs suffering from seizures due to the food we gave them is one of the most regretful feelings we could have.

In regards to “Can certain dog foods cause seizures?“, there are notable instances of such occurrences.

Below are some known reasons for food-related seizures.

can certain dog foods cause seizures


If you’re giving your dachshunds or other breeds wet dog food, you have to be careful as it is more prone to contamination compared to dry products.

Spoiled dog food is a common culprit, but other possible components may cause such conditions.


There is a multitude of ways that molds could end up being mixed with your dog food.

It may come from uncleaned bowls or contaminated storage areas.

Overall, you have to be wary that molds should not occur in any items or areas of our house.

Excessive Vitamin D Content

In 2019, Hill’s Pet Nutrition recalled a selection of their canned dog food that features excessive Vitamin D.

Here are some of the items:

  • Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Chicken & Vegetable Entree
  • Hill’s Prescription Diet Kidney Care with Lamb Canned Dog Food
  • Hill’s Prescription Diet Digestive Care with Turkey Canned Dog Food

Yes, there is such a thing as vitamin D poisoning. Excessive amounts of it will harm various organs such as the liver, kidney, and heart.

To sum it up, severe vitamin D levels in your dachshund lead to muscle tremors and seizures.


If your dog food has peanuts, rice, wheat, or corn, it may be susceptible to aflatoxins.

This component comes from the fungi called Aspergillus flavus that grows on the aforementioned types of food.

In January 2021, a pet food company called Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. recalled all their products containing corn, and expiry of July 9, 2022.

According to the FDA, they got information that more than 110 canines have perished, and more than 210 got sick after consuming a particular Midwestern pet food.

Aflatoxins primarily target our pets’ liver. If the organ fails to function, it causes jaundice, cancer, and seizures.


CNN reported in February 2018 that pentobarbital, a sedative that is commonly used for anesthetic or euthanization, has found its way in canned dog food.

The dog food in question is called the Gravy Train, produced by the company J.M. Smucker.

As per the FDA, any detection of the mentioned sedative in pet food is a strict violation of the law.

Among the symptoms of consuming small amounts of pentobarbital includes drowsiness, nausea, inability to stand, and eyes moving back and forth in an unnatural manner.

In large doses, seizures, coma, and death are inevitable.

Can Certain Dog Foods Cause Seizures: The Conclusion

While there are many safe dog foods and the best dog food for seizures out there in the market, it is understandable for some to doubt commercially-produced feeds because of the instances of food-inducing seizures.

Checking product reviews and consulting your vet should minimize the chances of your dog getting seizures from food.

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