A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Best Harnesses for Dachshunds

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Dachshunds are stunning, truly unique dogs with a particular body shape. While this makes them adorable, finding a harness that fits them can also be challenging.

A harness made for dachshunds will be unique as well, preventing any pain or discomfort for your dog. Dachshunds are often active, playful dogs whose bodies run close to the ground, so paying attention to the types of harnesses you purchase is essential.

We will run through the best harnesses for Dachshunds below. With this guide, you’ll learn all you need to consider before getting a harness for your dog.

Here are the top five harnesses for Dachshunds currently out on the market:

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PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness
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Voyager Step-in Design Plush Dog Harness
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Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step in Dog Harness
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RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness
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PINA Dog Harness

The Top Five Harnesses for Dachshunds

PoyPet No-Pull Dog Harness

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This fabric harness is made from a sturdy, breathable material with a soft padded inner cushion. It comes with four adjustable harness straps that ensure proper fitting. PoyPet’s offering also has quick-release snap buttons at the chest and neck, so you can put it on and take it off your pet quickly.

The PoyPet harness also has two metal leash attachments, which help significantly with dog training, as well as a front D-ring to minimize pulling. and the technology allows the shock of pulling to be distributed throughout the pet’s body, that way they don’t choke.

What We Like

  • It has a reflective trim that makes it easier to keep track of your pet in dark conditions.
  • There are several ranges of sizes and colors available. 
  • You can remove the harness with the quick-release buckle at the neck instead of fighting it over your pet’s head.
  • You can easily attach the seat belt to the harness strap while driving.
  • It has an ID tag for easy identification if your dog trails off outdoors.

What We Don’t Like

  • The seams may become loose after a few washes.
  • Some may not prefer the D-ring.

This is the perfect harness for anyone concerned about their Dachshund pulling on their harness or choking. You’ll have an item that’s both owner and pet friendly.

Voyager Step-in Plush Dog Harness

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The Voyager harness fits comfortably on both small and large breeds. This harness is ideal for low-ground or small pets, and distributes pressure around the chest to prevent choking.

Features include a venter-back shook and loop fastener to stop your pet from breaking away. This device also has a reflective trim to help you keep track of your pet at night.

What We Like

  • It has extra padding to keep your pet comfortable, especially during winter walks.
  • You can pick from several solid color options.
  • It has a good fitting on Dachshunds and comes with velcro closure.

What We Don’t Like

  • The design mainly supports small-sized pets, so people with larger pets may need a different harness.
  • Not suitable for hotter regions.

This harness is great for people who live in colder regions but want to walk their pets. The inner plush is designed to keep your pet comfortable in all types of weather.

Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step in Dog Harness

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Pawtitas is a uniquely shaped harness that’s great for a lifetime buy. Although the product looks like thin-looking straps, it is made from a piece of rip-stop durable nylon that’s been folded repeatedly. This makes it very durable and unlikely to break off.

It’s easy to put on and off, and the chrome-plated metal ring ensures minimal pulling. The adjustable strap and size-altering buckle are a great alternative if you can’t stand bulky pads and large fasteners rubbing your pet.

What We Like

  • It is machine washable.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Is a great choice for people who want to use one harness for different dog sizes.
  • Fits very comfortably and is lightweight.

What We Don’t Like

  • The harness is made of nylon material, so leaving it with your unsupervised dog is unsafe.
  • There’s no warranty on the product.
  • It may be difficult to determine which side is the front and otherwise.

Pawtitas is the best if you are concerned about your dog outgrowing its harness. Although this harness comes in different sizes, it’s particularly great for active dogs that are still growing.

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

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RUFFWEAR’s harness is a front-range harness designed to cover the chest and back of your dog.  It has two leash attachment points, which makes it easy to wear.

Four adjustment points ensure a full range of motion for your pet. In addition, it has reflective trim on the edges to help you keep track of your dog at night.

There’s a reinforced webbing at the chest to redirect your dog whenever it pulls.

What We Like

  • This harness stands out and looks beautiful on Dachshunds.
  • It’s effortless to clean.
  • It comes with a convenient dog tag pocket.
  • It has light padding to protect against chafing in the inner thighs.
  • The back clip-on allows you to attach a leash without the risk of it getting tangled.

What We Don’t Like

  • The back ring is less effective than metal rings and vinyl-front leads.
  • The harness may twist and turn on your dog’s body if it’s pulling hard.

This is a great harness to consider if you are concerned about aesthetics and functionality. With different color and size options, you will get a padded lightweight harness that’s great for dachshunds.

PINA Dog Harness

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PINA is a dog harness for small and medium dogs. You can take it on and off in just three steps, and it comes with two adjustable buckles to ensure a good chest area fitting.

The material is soft and made from breathable mesh, so your dog doesn’t have to feel sweaty or hot under certain weather. The vest design prevents neck strain and choking by distributing the leash pressure around the shoulder and chest area.

Pina’s dog harness has a padded area beneath the steel leash attachment rings, which keeps most pets comfortable. Safe closure is ensured by both a clip and a padded velcro closure.

What We Like

  • This harness is very easy to clean.
  • Has slightly reflective bands for safe walking at night.
  • The soft insider ensures there’s no chafing.
  • Comes in many different design and color options.

What We Don’t Like

  • The physical design is tighter than usual, so it can cause chafing.
  • Is not adjustable around the neck or chest.
  • Not the best harness for larger-size dachshunds.

This is the perfect harness for secure closure. The double closure effect of the harness and the padded area of the attachment ring make it an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive skin. 

How to Measure Your Dachshund for a Harness

Before buying any type of harness, getting an accurate measurement of your dog out of the way is vital. This helps you get a well-fitted and durable harness. We will run through how to accurately measure your dog and determine the correct harness size below.

What Makes up a Harness Size?

Girth mainly determines harness size. A dachshund is not measured differently from other dog breeds, as the method of measurement is universal. Girth is your dog’s chest area, usually the body area immediately behind its first two legs. When measuring, shift the tape away from the armpits, and target the widest part.

You also need to take a neck measurement. For the neck, feel your dog’s shoulders with your hands and target the arrow part where a collar usually sits. The harness size itself is the circumference of these two body parts. You can watch this video on how to measure

How to Take a Chest Measurement

First, you need paper, a pen, and a standard tape measure. Then follow these steps:

  • Wrap the measuring tape around the chest of your dog, at the area immediately behind the legs.
  • Make sure the tape starts from the metal part. Hold the two ends together.
  • Note the measurement in centimeters.

Dog Harness Size Circumferences

Here’s how to translate the measurement to the correct dog harness size. Most companies use the same standard, but remember to check if there’s a peculiar size via this chart to be on the safer side.

Chest Size

  • Extra Small – between 30 to 44 centimeters
  • Small – between 44 to 56 centimeters
  • Medium – between 56 to 71 centimeters
  • Large – between 71 to 86 centimeters
  • Extra Large – between 86 to 112 centimeters

Neck Size

  • Extra Small – between 23 to 33 centimeters
  • Small – between 33 to 50 centimeters
  • Medium – between 50 to 63 centimeters
  • Large – between 63 to 76 centimeters
  • Extra Large – between 76 to 89 centimeters

It’s not advisable to measure your dog’s size with its weight. Usually, some general rules may work, but this isn’t always the case. All dog breeds come in a wide variety of body types. For example, people would generally say a 50-pound dog would wear a Medium-sized harness, while a 100-pound dog would need an Extra Large size.

This may be a good rule for days when making an emergency purchase, but this type of guessing only sometimes works, especially for uniquely built dogs like dachshunds.

How Tight Should a Harness Be?

A harness shouldn’t be too tight to prevent the possibility of chafing and irritation. You also want to prevent your dog from choking. In this case, you can fall back on the two-fingers rule.

After putting on the harness for your dog, you can insert two fingers between it and your dog to see if it fits. If two fingers can fit in each section where the harness hugs the dog, the harness is unlikely to cause any harm.

Best Brands

Here are the top five brands to consider when purchasing a harness for Dachshunds:


PayPal is a pet brand that specializes in making pet leashes, collars, and harnesses. They also produce other pet supplies, but are mostly known for their high-quality leashes sold on Amazon.


Voyager makes pet leashes to help pets and their owners enjoy outdoor activities and adventures. They are climate-conscious and make only carbon-neutral deliveries. The brand’s been in business since 2008.


Pawtitas sells all things pets. They deal in harnesses, leashes, collars, accessories, healthcare, and grooming for your furry friend. You can find just about anything from Pawtitas, especially harnesses. Also, a percentage of their profit goes to non-kill shelters.


Ruffwear is a performance dog gear brand that produces several items for adventure. They make harnesses for hiking, leashes, boots, rubber toys, packs, jackets, beds, etc.


PINA is an American brand on Amazon that sells pet-friendly items. Their products are mostly made in China but are of great quality. They specialize in leashes, collars, harnesses, and other inexpensive pet products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions by other pet owners buying a harness for Dachshunds.

Can I use a collar instead of a harness?

Generally, yes. Collars and harnesses serve the same purpose. However, a well-fitted collar usually has extra space around the neck. This ensures the dog can get out if caught in a bad situation. So naturally, it’s easier for your dog to get out of a collar. 

On the other hand, a well-fitting harness can be firm without causing pain. Since they are worn around the body and the weight is evenly distributed, you can have complete control while your dog remains comfortable.

Why does my Dachshund back out of its harness?

Many pet owners direct their harness leash from the front, opposite where it’s supposed to be. The pressure can be uncomfortable for your dog, so it may resist or back out of its harness more easily than it should.

It’s best if you tried walking behind your dog without pressure from the leash.

Can a harness hurt my dog?

A harness is generally safe. However, if it’s the wrong size, it can cause long-term health problems. For example, a tight harness will put pressure on the dog’s throat, damaging the neck and spine. Dachshunds are especially at risk of intervertebral disc disease

Also, a tight and poorly designed Dachshund harness can irritate and chafe the dog’s stomach and legs. So, if your dog has some peculiar disability, it’s best to order a custom-fit harness

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best harnesses for dachshunds can be a challenging task, but luckily, we are here to help.

While we’ve listed our favorite harnesses, the PoyPet harness is our top pick. It’s a step-in design made from soft mesh with reflective materials. It’s also a no-pull harness that is great for everyday walks. 

With this list, you can start shopping for dachshund harnesses immediately.

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