Is Canned Dog Food Good for Dogs: A Guide for Dachshund Owners

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As with the case of most living beings, good health and longevity for dogs depend primarily on the nutrition they get.

As such, we want our beloved pets to get the best possible food available to achieve a great quality of life.

If you’re out shopping for dog food, you probably notice that there are two main types: canned or dry.

You may wonder which of these types is the better choice. “Is canned dog food good for dogs?

Hence, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of canned and dry and other related information.

In the end, we will address if canned dog food is good for dogs or if you’re better off with dry.

Canned Dog Food Benefits

There are notable advantages of canned dog food that the dry variant cannot hope to match.

Among the main differences is the protein content, in which the canned dog food almost doubles the percentage compared to the dry option.


As we all know, proteins are the building blocks of the body.

Our small breed dogs will greatly benefit from high protein content in recommended amounts because they need a strong body to accommodate their distinct shape.

Fat is the main source of our pets’ energy. Canned dog foods offer more fat than dry food, which may result in longer and more active interaction.


Taste-wise, is canned dog food good for dogs? Absolutely!

With the state of protein sources on canned food, it is generally more enticing for your pets to eat them.

Flavor and smell are considerably less intense on dry products, so there’s a bigger chance that dogs will not be receptive.

Also, canned dog foods offer more meat variants. So, if your furry companion craves something different, you are more likely to find several options to satisfy it.

Weight Maintenance

If you want your dachshunds to lose or maintain their weight, canned products are more effective.

The moisture content gives more volume to the food, which results in your dog feeling full sooner rather than consuming dry kibble.

The moisture benefits many dog breeds, including dachshunds, who are prone to urinary-related illnesses.

One way of avoiding such problems is to ensure that your pet is getting the hydration it needs, but dogs aren’t heavy water drinkers.


Since wet dog food contains a good amount of moisture, it helps avoid dehydration and the possible development of urinary conditions.

If your pet is susceptible to bloat, you have to increase its intake of the best canned dog food because wet food does not absorb too much liquid in the stomach.

Chemical additives are less evident on canned dog products compared to dry ones.

As such, you can rest easy that your pet is eating less harmful ingredients.

is canned dog food good for dogs

Dry Dog Food Benefits

Looking at the benefits of canned products, it is understandable that you may conclude that it is the better choice between the two.

However, there are some critical advantages of dry dog food that it’s difficult to brush aside.


First of all, if you’re on a tight budget, you most likely have to go dry.

Generally, dry dog foods are significantly less pricey compared to canned dog food.


In terms of convenience, you will have an easier time storing dry dog food because it does not require refrigeration.

You can use the resealable bag once you get the portion to feed your pet.

Canned products either require cold storage or immediate consumption because bacteria growth is exponentially higher compared to dry kibble.

Dental Health

In some cases, top dry dog foods are designed to help clean your pet’s teeth as they are eating the kibble.

Consuming dry foods minimizes the risk of your dachshund gaining tooth and gum problems.

A Brief Guide on Purchasing Canned or Dry Food for Your Dachshund

Regardless of which type is your preference, make it a habit to look and check the list of ingredients.

It is common for many to ignore it because it is displayed in tiny fonts most of the time.

Choose a dog food that is AAFCO-approved. This alone could give you peace of mind that you provide your dachshund with safe, healthy food.

The main protein source should be listed first. In most cases, companies include it in the name of the product.

By checking the ingredients, you will know if the item used a by-product, meal, or real meat.

High-quality dog foods have real meat because it contains the best type of amino acids.

If you’re fine with grains, check if they used whole grains.

By-product grains such as corn gluten or soybean meal are considered fillers, which adds little nutritional value.

Don’t consider dog food products that use artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors since they offer minuscule advantages.

Is Canned Dog Food Good for Dogs: The Conclusion

There is no doubt that canned dog food offers several benefits.

Still, it would be wise to mix canned and dry at times to take advantage of their strengths.

Mixing these two lowers the chance of your pet getting tired of the taste.

If your dachshund is a picky eater, then you might have to experiment with how you will diversify its feeding condition.

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