Royal Canin Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food Review

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  • Dynamic nutrients
  • Easy-to-follow feeding table
  • No artificial preservatives


  • Debatable ingredients

Like most small breed dogs, dachshunds love to play, eat, and mingle.

One of the main differences of our beloved sausage dogs compared to its relatives is that it is very susceptible to being overweight due to its unique body structure.

That is why we must be cautious in what manner we feed our dachshunds.

There are plenty of dog foods in the market today that promise amazing nutritional content.

We’ll focus on one of the highly-rated choices for our loyal companion, the Royal Canin Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food to help you determine if this is the right one for your dog.

Royal Canin Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food

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The company Royal Canin is focused on providing tailored nutrition for our beloved pets.

According to them, the slight nutritional difference can make or break your pet’s health and quality of life.

For over a decade, the Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food by Royal Canin has been a boon for a multitude of pet owners who are more than satisfied with its features.

Since its first availability, the formula of this dog food remains largely consistent, much to the delight of its patrons.

Who Is This Product For?

As the name suggests, the dog food is specially crafted to meet the nutritional requirements of purebred dachshunds.

You can start feeding yours with the Royal Canin Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food once it reaches ten months or older.

What’s Included?

Available in two sizes, 2.5lbs and 10lbs, it comes in a neatly modest packaging design with a resealable zip lock.

Upon extensive checking, besides the actual dog food, it appears that there are no other items included in the package.

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Overview of Features

Among the Royal Canin Dog Food’s highlights is the enhanced skeletal support, thanks to the calcium and phosphorus in its formula.

Your cute little companion will find this dog food easy to consume because of the exclusive tailor-made kibble.

Dachshunds need extensive muscle support because of their distinct shape.

As such, this item has precise protein value and L-carnitine to promote strong, lean muscles.

Fiber is also one of the ingredients found in this dog food that helps your dog’s digestive system.

The precise fiber and protein content not only aids in digestion but also positively impacts stool volume and odor.

Grains such as brown and brewers rice, and oat groats are also included in the recipe.

These components are the main sources of fiber.

There are two components in the Royal Canin Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food that are not considered essential by the AAFCO: glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

However, they could be helpful in certain situations.

Several vitamins are also present to deliver crucial health benefits to your dogs, such as optimal nutrient absorption, stronger bones, and an active immune system.

The Royal Canin Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food uses chicken by-products as its main source of protein.

As much as they deliver the recommended amount of amino acids, some owners prefer meat as they think that it brings a better quality of proteins.

That said, wheat gluten provides additional protein content to this dog food.

Since it offers plant-based protein, many are suggesting against the use of it.

That’s because wheat gluten does not share a similar amino acid profile with meat-based protein.

You can also expect a shiny coat with beautiful skin once your dachshund starts consuming this dog food.

That’s because it includes chicken fat and fish oil, which are good sources of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are components that help if your dachshund is suffering from bone-related illnesses such as arthritis.

Specifically, it provides cushioning, water retention, and elasticity to the area where cartilage is damaged, thin, or missing.

How To Get the Most Out of It

Thanks to the feeding table indicated on the package, serving the Royal Canin Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food to your beloved pet shouldn’t pose much of a challenge.

Similar to the case of most dog foods, there is no guarantee that your pet will like it despite getting overwhelmingly positive reviews from other dachshund owners.

Considering this factor, it would be best to purchase a small-sized package of dog food to test if your beloved companion is receptive to the taste.


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If you feel that meat should be the main source of protein, you might want to try the Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Recipe.

Unlike the Royal Canin Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food, this one promises novel proteins from venison and lamb.

It also has probiotics that are crucial in supporting healthy digestion.


The Royal Canin Adult Dachshund Dry Dog Food offers many health benefits that make it worthy of consideration.

While it uses some ingredients that are being questioned by some, the fact that it’s a popular choice for many owners for years positively impacts its credibility.

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